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Crafting quality projects to earn your confidence and future builds.

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Keeping You In The Know

Leveraging our cloud-based construction management app for efficient, visible, and competent project completion. 

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Ensure your investment aligns with your top priorities.

We specialize in handling complex construction projects, such as ADUs, commercial tenant improvements, and remodels. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that you feel confident and at ease during every phase of your project. We believe in transparency and open communication from the very beginning.

Do you have a vision for a modern ADU that reflects your personal style? Or perhaps you require a tenant improvement that caters to your business's evolving needs? Maybe it's time to spruce up your old workspace.

We go beyond ADUs and tenant improvements. We also excel in remodeling projects, offering customized solutions that add value and enhance functionality to your home. If you're experiencing issues like dry rot or deteriorating siding on your home or your multi-family building, our skilled team can provide reliable remedies using only premium-quality materials for long-lasting results.

By understanding your construction priorities and employing a solution-based approach, we offer personalized solutions that cater to your specific needs. You can trust us to manage all the complicated aspects of your construction or remodeling project, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

In addition to new construction and remodeling projects, we also specialize in siding and trim work on both residential and multi-family buildings and apartments. 

We understand that starting a project can be overwhelming. That's why we prioritize transparency and open communication from the very beginning. We will work closely with you to understand your priorities and offer customized solutions that add value and functionality to your property. With us, you can trust that your project will be hassle-free and built to impress both you and your clients.


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Siding & Trim

Whole Home Reside / Dry Rot

Remodels Tailored For You

Remodeling your home can seem like a daunting task, but the return on investment (ROI) for important spaces like kitchens and bathrooms can be worth it. Upgrading your kitchen with modern appliances, new cabinetry, stone countertops and quality fixtures can increase the value of your home, making it a great investment. Likewise, a bathroom remodel can improve functionality and aesthetic appeal, while providing an ROI of up to 60%. Beyond the financial benefits, remodeling can also solve problems such as revitalizing spaces to host better get-togethers or redesigning existing layouts to make for better utilization of the space. A well-planned remodel can transform your home into a space that is both beautiful and functional. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you create the home of your dreams.

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Accessory Dwelling Units - Connected Living 

Looking for a way to add value to your property and create a separate living space for your loved ones or generate some extra income? Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) might be the solution for you. With ADUs, you can easily create a secluded man cave, a rental space for short and long-term tenants or even watch over your parents or loved ones. Not only do ADUs add extra space to your property, but they also increase its overall value. At Revitalize Construction, we understand the importance of affordable and high-quality ADUs. That's why we save you money by avoiding markups from other ADU companies that have multiple levels of markups. So why not invest in your property and add some extra space with ADUs?


Refresh with a Re-side

Refresh your home's appearance and protect it from further damage with a full tear off and re-side. Removing old siding that may have dry rot, termite damage, or weathered excessively is crucial to the structural integrity of your home. Our solution-based approach ensures that your new siding not only looks great but also provides long-lasting protection. Our management team will guide you through the process, from choosing the perfect siding material to installation. You can trust us to provide a quality solution that meets your needs and budget. Don't wait any longer to refresh your home's exterior, contact us today to schedule your re-side project.


Our Process Overview




With our customer-centric approach, we transform your ideas into tailored construction plans, delivering excellence from consultation to completion.


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Leveraging your vision and our expertise, we shape the aesthetics and ambiance of your project, making your renovation dreams tangible.

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Sit back and watch as your space is magically transformed. Our expert team and top-notch management software ensures a seamless start-to-finish experience, culminating in a flawless handover.

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Cherish your transformed space, reflecting you, inviting new memories. Whether hosting parties, relishing quiet moments, or marking life's new chapters, enjoy fully!

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